PAX South 2018 – New Merch and Appearance Schedule!

Where. PAX South in San Antonio!
When. January 12-14, 2018!
Who. Everyone you care about, plus like 50,000 strangers
What. Here’s what! Two new Pinny Arcade pins, both available at my table in Bandland:
And I’ll be on the following panels, including the Season 2 opener for Acq Inc: The “C” Team, in costume and live on stage Sunday!

The Jackbox Party PAX

The Jackbox Party Pack games are well known for being hilarious and inventive. So it only stand to reason that this panel will likely be something along those lines.Join Tycho Brahe, Kris Straub, Graham Stark, Kate Stark, and a special mystery guest as they play games off of the brand new Party Pack 4 in front of a live audience!

AppJunkies Live: The Worst Games Ever Made

Join the AppJunkies in their 5th year of presenting the worst games at PAX! It’s an entirely new lineup of horrible app disasters, so prepare to be amazed (and slightly stunned) at this fast-paced panel of awfulness. Often dubbed “the MST3K of B-grade apps,” it’s an hour of your life you won’t get back. Audience heckling encouraged… for those not rendered speechless.

Acquisitions Incorporated: The “C” Team

Join your second favourite team of noble(ish) adventurers through for another epic tale of capitalistic mischief. Donaar Blit’zen (Ryan Hartman), Rosie Beestinger (Kate Welch), Walnut Dankgrass (Amy Falcone), and K’thriss Drow’b (Kris Straub) battle foes both mighty and largely personality based in their quest to fulfill their KPIs.