PAX Australia 2018

Hello Melbourne! I will be inside your city for PAX Australia, 26-28 October 2018!

I’ll be at the Kris Straub/28 Plays Later table in Bandland — unless I’m appearing at one of the following scheduled events! Or in my hotel room asleep! Or possibly elsewhere. What more do you want from me? Should I turn location services on?

Penny Arcade Q&A

Tycho and Kris Straub answer all your questions in a soul-bearing, tell-all exclusive panel known as… Q&A. So really, you’ve done this to yourselves.

The “C” Team Signing

Get anything signed by me, Amy T. Falcone, Kate Welch, and/or Ryan Hartman if you’re lucky.

28 Plays Later: LIVE with Kris Straub and Paul Verhoeven!

Returning for their fourth year running, Kris Straub (The “C” Team, Broodhollow) and Paul Verhoeven (ABC’s Steam Punks, Loose Units) hit the stage to do their comedy gaming podcast LIVE! Come along and enjoy their manic banter in person! May or may not include some bonkers special guests! Will absolutely include some weird animation!

Penny Arcade Make-A-Strip

Have you ever wondered what goes in to making a Penny Arcade strip? Well, you probably haven’t. I mean, it’s a pretty straightforward concept. Still, it’d be cool if you came and watched one happen live.

Jackbox Party PAX

Come join the Jackbox guys as they play games from their new Party Pack with some PAX friends. They might even remain friends afterwards!

Unnamed Kris Straub Panel

Description TBC-Kris

Q&A: Acquisitions, Inc: The “C” Team

The whole cast of Acq Inc: The “C” Team and their beloved DM Daddy Jerry Holkins answer the incisive queries of the tenebrous Shadow Council. That’s you. They’re answering your questions.

Acquisitions, Inc: The “C” Team Live

Join us for a Halloween Special of Acquisitions, Inc: The “C” Team, featuring Walnut Dankgrass (Amy Falcone), Rosie Beestinger (Kate Welch), K’thriss Drow’b (Kris Straub), Donaar Blit’zen (Ryan Hartman), and Dungeon Master Jerry Holkins as they run riot through Faerûn, acquiring new loot and enemies at a roughly equal pace.

Brought exclusively at PAX Aus thanks to our sponsors, Level Up Dice!

Child’s Play Charity Auction

I had a lot of fun charitably auctioneering this here charity auction with Jerry last year. Should be fun!!

Omegathon Final

After five gruelling rounds of, y’know, playing games, the final two contestants will do battle one last time. And by battle, we mean play another game. They will have spent days, months, perhaps even their entire lives preparing for this moment. But can one ever truly be ready for the final round of the Omegathon?